Charities that should raise more attention


Although college students are not the first demographic to be targeted to donate to charities, it does not hurt to become more familiar with them. Especially ones that are not really household names like “Make a Wish” and “NCPCA”. It seems as though there is a charity for almost any cause out there, and even though it is not necessary to donate, someone can still educate themselves on the countless organizations and their unique messages.

The first is Puppies Behind Bars. This charity’s focus is to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and canines that can detect explosives for law enforcement- but with an unexpected twist. These dogs are being raised and trained by prison inmates. The puppies will live with inmates during their adolescent lives and are taught commands that help veterans who suffer from PTSD and other traumatic brain injuries. This organization does appear to be obscure, but it ultimately helps the inmates who raise the dogs, and the veterans and law enforcement who receive them fully trained as well.

First Candle is a foundation that helps support people who have suffered a loss of an infant, and potential outcomes like stillbirth. If needed, it will provide grief support services to the families. It also is determined to assist women in having the safest pregnancy possible, along with ensuring the survival of the baby and making sure he or she has a thriving first few years of life. This organization focuses on the betterment of women during pregnancy and the way they treat their bodies during this time. Additionally, First Candle also puts emphasis on their mission through educating mothers, advocacy, and making mothers aware of potential dangers. This is a non-profit organization and their website is

City Harvest is an organization that is looking to end hunger in urban area, especially New York City. Their plan is to educate the city’s people among other creative ways to drive their message to a listening audience. They want to conduct a food rescue and distribute to the people in need, who can be seen on almost every street in NYC. This has been a growing problem, and this is especially evident in metropolitan areas. It is about time people get sick of seeing cardboard signs and people begging from inside their cardboard box and shopping cart homes reliant “homes”. This charity received a lot of praise and attention in a very short period of time, and is continuing to grow, which can only show that more and more people are becoming aware of the growing problem.

CARE is an organization that is motivated to serve some of the poorest nations and areas in the world. Their goal is to enforce everlasting change in these parts of the world by spreading self-help ideals and motives for expanding economic opportunities. This charity gets even better- they offer assistance when natural disasters hit or when emergencies occur, as well. Lastly, CARE’s mission is to end discrimination if every shape and form that it may be displayed in. This organization takes on various different hardships poverty stricken nations face. Most recently, CARE provided relief to Haiti with clean water, food, and other emergency supplies. This organization has been in existence for decades, and its public attention is growing, but does not seem to be as prominent as it should be.

These may be charities and organizations that many people have not heard of before because they are not the first one’s celebrities choose to donate to, or they are not the first ads you see online or on TV. Regardless of all this, these factors do not minimize their effectiveness and their progress to help many different issues around the world. It is these “underground” groups that will take the world by storm once they are given the chance. It can be seen that these have already started to make their mark in either eliminating, helping, and improving whatever message they are trying to get across. It is these things that people must be mindful of and pay attention to, because these can act as somebody’s last hope or lifeline, and that should not be ignored. It is also crucial that these topics get enough attention so they are actually able to help the ones they are intended to help and ultimately change the world in their own ways.


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