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What’s Next in the World of Business

By Samuel Chase Business is an ever-revolving cycle of highs and lows, peaks and troughs. It is what companies base their business models off of. The question they ask is, what is next? What is the direction for the company?...
The new Apple Xr iPhone

Apple and It’s Power in the Tech Market

By Carly Orticerio Apple has been the lead in technology innovation for as long as our generation could remember. From iPods, to the iPhone, iPads and Apple Watches, our generation has grown up right alongside...
Michael Scott holding a "World's Best Boss" Mug

The Psychopathic Boss In Today’s World

By: Jared Lee One odd common theme that has been popping up in the business world is that people who are high up in corporations and are successful are likely to have psychopathic traits and tendencies....
CVS and Aetna logos together

CVS Merger With Aetna Means Big Win For Insurance Cuts

By: Alexandra Heim The Justice Department has announced that the CVS Health chain has been approved of its $69 billion antitrust with health insurer Aetna. Once the deal has been closed it is estimated that...
A person clicking to delete the Facebook App on their iPhone

Facebook: A Big Website With An Even Bigger Problem – Not The First Time

By: Alexa Silvia Facebook has faced many concerns with privacy in recent weeks. Not only did it receive criticism for it’s new video chat devices that are installed in homes, it is also being criticized...
The Amazon Go store

Amazon Is Entering The Click And Mortar Market

By: Siera Fregosi Amazon.com has decided to open stores in New York City that only sells their highest rated products. If products online received a rating of 4 stars or higher the product will be...
Girl holding up sorority sign at baseball game.

AOII Tables for Arthritis Awareness

By: Amy Solov Arthritis is a general term to refer to more than 100 types of joint diseases that affect over 23 million people. The effects of Arthritis can be devastating; not only does it...
Coca-cola bottle surrounded by leaves

Coca-Cola Is Diving Into A Brand New Market: Marijuana

By: Varun Arvind Coca Cola has been a dominant force within the soda industry for decades, but recently they’ve realized that they need to branch out in order to stay dominant. Recently, the soda company...

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