On Wednesday, September 7th, the students of Bryant University welcomed the Class of 2020 as they made their way to convocation, one of the first memories a Bryant student has while on campus.  The students organizations, teams, and clubs surrounded the “new kids on the block” as they marched to the MAC.  

These new students will now be a part of our classes, organizations, and community, and it is important to get to know who we are welcoming on campus.  Top Dog, Mikayla Ott, says that “welcoming the first year students to campus was one of my favorite memories I’ll have at Bryant”.  So what makes this class so great?

The Class of 2020 includes 872 students.  The applicant pool this year was 7,309 potential students, the largest to date in Bryant history.  The average grade point average for a student in this class is a 3.44.  These students are in the top thirty percent of their high school graduating class. The average SAT score is 1171, but submitting these scores is optional.  

These students represent twenty-seven states across the country and twenty-four countries across the world.  International students comprise 8.3 percent of this incoming class, with a majority of students originating from India, China, Ecuador, Turkey, and Venezuela.  Seventy-five percent of the incoming class has declared business as their major, with the top five programs including International Business, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Management.  Sixteen percent of incoming freshmen have declared majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, with the top five programs including Actuarial Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Psychology, and Communication.

The Class of 2020 seems to include avid learners and strong leaders, typical characteristics of a Bryant student.  While some might get involved early and take on leadership positions, other freshmen might take awhile to adapt.  The first year of college is a major adjustment, between moving away from home and engaging in harder classes.  Overall, the Class of 2020 will be given resources from faculty, staff, and peers to succeed throughout their time at Bryant.

President Machtley’s convocation speech encouraged the Class of 2020 to “dream big this year, discover your passion, lead and learn, [and] become innovative.”  Some of the core principles this university prides itself on, let’s see if the Class of 2020 can live up to the Bryant expectations.