By Bryant Ventures

After the dust from the organization fair has settled, the small-yet-formidable child of the acclaimed Bryant CEO- Bryant Ventures- is raring to go for its second meeting come this Wednesday, September 25, 2019. After gathering a record number of sign-ups on the initial email list, sentiment for entrepreneurship on campus has never been stronger than right now.

Although intimate, Bryant Ventures as a student-run initiative has always attracted and cultivated some of the most entrepreneurial and ambitious individuals on campus. Although student entrepreneurs are inherently independent, this band of young innovators follows a structure much like many other clubs on campus. Instead of an e-board, Bryant Ventures is led by a tight handful of “accelerators” that seek to engage both with each other and general members of the assembly each week.

The frontline of student-led innovation can be seen from this group. Lead accelerator Nick Cianfaglione ‘21 is currently responsible for orchestrating the organization, while also working on decentralizing the modern landscape of music with his new upcoming platform.

Garrett Moloney ’22 is another accelerator who rose to prominence in Bryant Ventures after showcasing his unique talent as both a salesman and opportunistic entrepreneur. Garrett has been turning heads in the craft beer industry with the development of, a community-oriented craft brewery platform, pioneering direct-to-consumer, gamification and engagement for the new-age consumer

Although highly active in the weekly meetings, accelerators earned their title for what they do in between the lines, as individuals on and off campus. This statement has never rung truer, however, than for two sophomore BV accelerators, Corey Nobile and Nick Oliveri. As the founding duo of GeoProtein, Inc., Nick and Corey work every day to innovate the functional foods market after finding great success with their initial prebiotic-infused protein bar
formulation. By adding cross-industry power players to their advisory board, coupled with a relentless iron will to pursue market traction, GeoProtein is gradually becoming a formidable
entity, beating out legacy brands and other venture-backed competitors alike.

In May 2019, GeoProtein was invited to (and attended) the Pac-12 Student Athlete Health Conference in Las Vegas, where the two intrepid founders showcased their company to the top collegiate nutritionists in the world. Conference attendees included top athletic authorities from the likes of Stanford, UCLA, Oregon and more. It was at this conference where GeoProtein gained further validation for their superior formula. In addition to showcasing their product, it was here that they met many of their future partners in eSports, retail and otherwise. From this successful campaign, the cutting-edge food technology startup gained immense traction in their fundraising round, amassing over six figures in strategic seed capital since May.

Since then, Corey and Nick have remained focused on their endeavors both in the classroom and in the board room. Understandably so, they often look to their entrepreneurial endeavors for their greatest lessons, having built a funded, functioning corporation poised for long-term market relevancy from the ground up. Looking to the future, Corey and Nick seek to mobilize the digitally native millennial/ generation-z consumer as a community that rallies around their bold message of a brand that is uniquely for people that care for the Earth and its dire condition.

Although GeoProtein means many things to the Corey and Nick, the young founders envision GeoProtein to mean only one thing to the world: Benefitting not just yourself, but the people and Earth around you for centuries to come.