Bryant University welcomes Democrat club to its RSO family


By: Zahir Williams

It has been over eight years since Bryant University has had a political club on campus, but that has recently come to an end. A new organization has joined the Bryant community: the Bryant Democrats. Quinton Law, President, Founder, and student-athlete, created the Bryant Democrats to produce a space for students who might be interested in getting involved in politics. He is currently a junior at Bryant University majoring in Economics and is very excited about the launch of his organization this semester. “We need more young people involved and passionate about politics,” Law states, “because when the youth are behind a movement, that is true when change is made. I was inspired to form this club to truly make change for progressives in Rhode Island.” 

Law has been involved in multiple political campaigns in New Jersey and was inspired to create this club due to our country’s current political system. He believes that our country is currently being divided and that this directly relates to people not truly understanding politics. Quinton has made it a mission to establish this organization on campus to unite students and create awareness of our country’s political climate. 

Not only is he inspired to unite the student community, but he is also passionate about producing informed and rational voters who understand who they are voting for. He believes voters do not understand the great responsibility that comes with voting, and often this can lead to lack of voter turnout on Election Day.  

Because Bryant is a private university, Quinton believes that the community misses out on being exposed to the local politics of our state. By bringing more awareness to campus, he believes this club will get students actively involved and interested in their elected officials. The Bryant Democrats organization aims to make Bryant a better place and is also interested in raising money for progressive causes and producing true leaders on campus.  

The club strives to help people develop their personal brand, make a true change in the world, and become more politically fluent. “I want my club to be the place that someone can come and find themselves and discover the issues that matter to them the most,” added Law. 

The Bryant Democrats will hold its first fundraiser the first week of March, which will be with the Sojourner House in Providence. Sojourner House is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1976 by Providence residents and Brown University students who were concerned about what was then a silent epidemic: domestic and sexual violence. Law is looking to bring more students together to fight for their cause and make a truly positive change at Bryant University. 

The club plans to meet on Mondays at 6 PM, however the room has yet to be determined. The club is less about coming in with political experience, and geared more towards growing your connections, enhancing your personal brand, becoming politically fluent, and developing consciousness about the world we live in today. All events and meetings are purely volunteer based. If you are interested in running for a position on the executive board or voting on club matters and in club elections, you can become an active member. 

If you are looking to volunteer for good causes, get experience working on campaigns, make valuable connections and politically conscious decisions, you can get involved with the Bryant Democrats. For more information, contact the club’s President at and he is more than happy to have students reach out to him directly with any questions.