By Lauren Fedor

Ever wondered about a career in sports? Wanted to ask questions to a professional in the sports industry? Visit a sports facility and see if a life in a sports field is really for you? Now with the up-and-coming Bryant University Sports Business Association, you can achieve all those goals and get your sports career questions answered. 

Bryant University Sports Business Association is a new organization being started on campus by Caroline Meizen, a junior with a Marketing major, Sport Studies Concentration and Management minor.  She describes her new org as a professional network connecting students, alumni, and industry managers/leaders through which we can develop opportunities for growth and learning.  This will bring awareness of the many opportunities of sports, help students make connections, and find clarity in their futures.”  This association will allow students a personal & interactive experience to learn more about specific opportunities within the sports world after graduation.   

The Sports Business Association plans to hold weekly meetings for their club members, location and time to be announced.  “The first few meetings will be to understand what the club members are interested in (for their careers) so we can develop programs/opportunities that fit their needs,” Meizen stated.  She wants her organization to be a very personalized experience to set up students with a network and a path to a career in sports that they like.  In the later meetings, expert speakers will be brought in on campus for a first-hand interaction.  They will be able to share their path and inspire a potential career path for students here all students to explore the many different fields of careers in sports. Some of these include sports marketing, the legal side of sports, and analytics of sports teams. The idea of introducing many varying fields of sports is because, “many students don’t know what area of sports they want to go into” according to Meizen, “We just want to know more.”   

Another aspect of the club will be shadow days off campus at varying sports facilities and companies.  These will create an eye-opening learning experience that shows the day-to-day life of the professionals—which may resonate with students and spark an interest they were previously unaware of.  Lastly, Meizen wants professional career development to be an important part of her organization.  Her goal is to develop students’ personal brand and allow an opportunity for them to learn more about themselves and how a sports career would best fit their life.  She knows that sports careers can be competitive, and she wants to teach students to be patient and persistent and to help students along the way to reach their career 

Meizen had the idea for this club when she started thinking about internships and talking to people in her sports related classes.  She knew she wanted to learn more about the other areas of sports (sports marketing, sports finance) and to be able to follow a passion to reach a wider audience.  In her own words, Meizen “wanted to create an organization that would prepare Bryant students for future careers in sports. We have incredibly passionate professors who help spark excitement and care about setting students up for success and the Amica Center who has all the resources to get us there, and I wanted to develop this organization as a bridge between these two components of the college experience that will set students up for a future in sports that they are confidently excited to explore”. 

If you have a future goal to work within the sports field, the Bryant University Sports Business Association is a great chance to explore the many emerging opportunities that come with sports.  Everyone is welcome and you will have the chance to connect with other motivated and like-minded individuals.  If interested, questions and comments can be sent to who will respond with further information.