On Saturday April 20th, I had the privilege of attending the American Lung Association Yoga Event. Held at the Smithfield YMCA, less than 10 minutes away from Bryant’s campus, I was excited to support a Bryant event in the community. I am far from a yoga expert but I am open to trying new things in the spirit of a great cause. The event was planned by Hannah Madore and Meghan Roy, Bryant Seniors completing an Event Planning Course this semester. These students were tasked with planning an event while partnering with a local non-profit. They worked on smoothing out the details for the event all Spring.

The two students connected with the American Lung Association after two speakers gave a presentation during their class time at the beginning of their Spring semester. They were inspired by the non-profit organization and wanted to host an event that would spread ALA’s mission and vision- “To save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease” and have “a world free of lung disease.” Meghan and Hannah shared their personal connections to the effects of Lung Cancer. The two students also aimed to promote their own vision of healthy lungs and effective breathing. There was also a raffle after the event, where plants, yoga books, Bose speakers, and a giftcard to New Level Nutrition were given away. The students raised $750 for the cause, through ticket sales, the raffle, and donations.

When arriving at the event, each participant was given a free ALA shirt, drawstring bag, bracelets, and materials to further understand how to get involved with ALA. There was a full room of 15 participants to learn from the instructor, Bryant alum Cristina Batista. Cristina is working towards attaining her official yoga certifications. There was a mix of Bryant students and Smithfield residents present. Although it was a sticky and humid day in Smithfield, the yoga was calming and a great way to spend a relaxing Saturday benefiting the American Lung Association.