By Lydia Paglierani

SMITHFIELD, R.I.- On Saturday, October 21st, the Men’s Rugby team took the field on their home turf against Saint Michaels (the Purple Knights), a small school from Colchester, VT. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect, attracting a huge fan base from parents and class mates to set the stage for a huge bulldog win.

The match started off strong with Colin “Mugsy” Henderson kicking the ball across the field, bringing it very close to the Bulldog’s scoring side and almost scoring, but Saint Michael’s was able to hold them off for now.

About 20 minutes into the first half, the Bulldogs score two tries after Saint Michael’s holds a tough defense, and the conversion kick is good for an additional three points. The Bulldogs kicked it up, ran with it, and brought it home while Saint Michaels received a penalty and had their backs turned. This move kept the team motivated as the energy of the game increased tremendously; this allowed the boys to bring it home again after the Purple Knight’s kick unintentionally brought it closer to the Bryant side. Ten minutes into the second half, Mugsy saw an opportunity to score with a wide-open field and no defending players in the way, catching the opposing team off guard and scoring yet another try.

In the mix of injuries, aggressive plays, and a huge effort put forward by the Bulldogs, a few yellow cards were dealt for not releasing after the tackle, but that wasn’t enough to slow them down from playing hard. The final score was 43 Bryant and 0 Saint Michaels.

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