Bryant Football And Volleyball Take On Rivals In High-Profile Matchups


By: Darnell Grant

Both Bryant football and women’s volleyball are taking on interconference rivals Central Connecticut State University this weekend. The last time these two teams met, the Bulldogs were sadly defeated in both contests.

One might wonder what similarities the football and women’s volleyball team share, besides their drive to win and ambition. The two teams have an odd similarity that whenever their games fall on the same day or weekend the results of the games usually match each other. It has almost become a pattern that when one team secures a victory then the other team does so too. This pattern began in the 2017-2018 season with the loss to CCSU which was followed by a win from volleyball over St. Francis Brooklyn and a football win over Wagner.

The trend has seemed to continue over into the 2018-2019 season in which both teams are performing very well. Volleyball has put together a very solid season going 14-9, while going 4-2 in conference. Football has also started off their season well by making this season their best start since making their transition to Division I in 2008, riding high at 4-1, 2-0 in conference.

It seems that this trend is based off the first team to play. If volleyball plays first, then football has had the same result and vice versa. This year, every time the Bulldogs have shared home field advantage both teams have been able to come out with victories. This past Saturday both teams were able to secure two more victories in hard fought with wins over Duquesne and Fairleigh Dickinson.

Both teams are looking to achieve the goal of becoming conference champions. Last season, women’s volleyball was able to bring home the regular season conference championship but failed to do so in the post season tournament when they fell CCSU in the semifinals. Football was also unable to win the conference gold, coming in second place to CCSU as well.

As of right now, both teams are in great positions to win the conference title. Football has a pretty tough stretch ahead of them starting off with the defending conference champs, the CCSU Blue Devil’s followed by Fordham University and then back to conference opponents. Women’s volleyball are also taking on the Blue Devils this weekend in New Britain, Connecticut.

One of the biggest challenges the Bulldogs have faced in past years is consistency in being able to string wins together, yet this year has seemed to be different for these two sports who have been putting together some impressive performances lately. Both teams will be looking to get revenge on their southern rivals this weekend. The women’s volleyball team looks to start off the weekend right with a victory on Friday. If the Bulldogs are able to keep up the trend they have been on then it could turn out to be a very exciting fall for Bryant athletics