Whether it is a blizzard or the sunniest day, the Bryant University campus is absolutely gorgeous. The look on every student’s face as they stroll around campus, whether it be through freshly fallen snow or through gleaming sunshine, gives a very tranquil feel to our environment. Prospective students love the campus tours because of the flow and ease of travel from one building to another and the close-knit environment exhibited by both the physical structures and the passing students who make new visitors feel comfortable, and as though they can easily find their home at Bryant. However, even with all of these positive aspects of our campus, there are still some weak points physically. With the amazing expansion process, which is much needed in making our University a continuing success, we are noticeably running out of room. In 1971, Bryant moved to Smithfield from Providence, thanks to an alumni donor named Earl Tupper. Yes, the same man who invented Tupperware. Besides residence halls, there was one building that stood alone on campus, which was our beautiful all-encompassing building we like to call the “Unistructure” or “the Uni”. Let’s fast forward to 2016. Standing tall and proud accompanying the Uni is the Koffler Communications Center, The Student Fisher Center, Chace Wellness Center, The Bello Center and the Library, many new Res Halls and Townhouses, and new athletic complexes and fields. Many of these structures have received major upgrades, making them the interactive, modern, and modified versions we see today. Even after these expansions, the growing class sizes and the improving reputation of Bryant University mixed together still calls for more expansion. There is news of new buildings and halls that will be constructed in the near future to help make our college larger, but these questions, and many more of the same nature still remain- “Where will they go?”, “Will we lose things like parking, which is already so limited?” and “Will off-campus facilities have to be installed?” After talking to many students, I have come up with a list of things that they would like to see on campus in the future. First were new residence halls, just to limit the number of triples that are forced. Greek housing was also mentioned, due to the rise of Greek Life again at Bryant. Next, would be more parking, because it is already a twenty minute ordeal trying to find a spot. In addition to this would be more dining, so people can grab a quick bite to eat without waiting in line for thirty minutes and struggling to find an open seat. Renovations are also needed in Janikies to make it bigger and able for more people to attend events and speakers, on top of the fact that it is also out of date. Now I know what you’re thinking, but this article isn’t meant to bash our amazing college at all. It is amazing that we are at the point where we need to expand more, and exciting that students really want to come to our school. It is all thanks to our President, Ronald Machtley, and his dedication to our school. It is electrifying that Bryant is on the map for many different things, and continuing to do so every single day. Our academics are impressive, especially in the business field, our athletics and 100+ campus activities/organizations are gaining recognition for their successfulness. On top of all of this, the percentage of students who land a job directly after graduation is nearly perfect. This school, as you can clearly see, is at an uphill rise. And no matter what happens, every student who attends Bryant University is blessed for this beautiful campus. It will always be a great day to be a bulldog!

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