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Before arriving to campus on move-in day, most of the freshmen thought to do one last thing before their departure. Most of them showered. The ones with foresight took a four to five minute shower in anticipation of what was to come. Some ladies just wanted their legs to be smooth when they arrived and some fellas just did it because, let’s face it, their moms told them to. Everyone unpacked, parents left and time passed. Some students decided they didn’t need to shower their first night after a quick peek behind the curtains. A few brave souls packed up their shower caddies, slid on their brand new shower shoes, picked up the new towel and crept towards the bathroom. They poked at the curtain like a lion was behind it but eventually entered the cubicle. They hit their elbows on the walls and was disappointed in the water pressure. Finally, they exit only to step on the half gallon of water they somehow managed to get on the floor.  

Hopefully, all freshmen have started to lose their aversion to the showers here at Bryant. According to a study conducted by Northern Illinois University in 2009, 76% of freshman reportedly shower less at school. This is a crisis that all freshmen should acknowledge whether they would be apart of the percentage or not.

We can all admit that showering in a public place is not the most ideal way of showering. It can be uncomfortable for most people. Others, however, have become almost too comfortable and begin playing music while showering. We all have that one country song that we know all the words to, that Rihanna song you can work to and that one Justin Bieber song that never becomes overrated. Those songs are great…to some people at some times. I encourage you to take your own poll. Ask what people think about others who play music while showering. Most will say they hate it and the ones who say they don’t mind may be the few playing the music. Perhaps this inconsiderate music playing is why students shower less in college. Many students shower at night to unwind from their day and get ready for bed. This relaxation process is hard to complete when the person in the shower stall next to you is playing music you hate. Students will sometimes shower in the morning to get a fresh start to their day. Beginning your day happily, however, may be difficult if you hate country music and that is all the person beside you is playing.

On the other hand, students may shower less because of the cramped space. No one enjoys being inside a cubicle whether to work or shower. The high statistic could also be caused by the pure awkwardness of showering in a public space. It, also, cannot be denied that many students have hectic schedules which can make showering less of a priority.

The bottom line is make sure to shower regularly and frequently. If you’re having trouble fitting it in your schedule reevaluate your activities because showering should be a priority. Be mindful music enthusiasts, your music may sound great to you but may not be such a hit to others. Showering, however, is always a hit.