There is a plague spreading at a rapid rate all across the globe. Have you felt it? Have you yourself fallen for the trap? More than ever before, people of all ages are spending endless hours glued to their smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. Anywhere you go, it is nearly impossible to find a room full of people that are doing something other than texting, liking pictures on Instagram, or playing games. It truly is harder than ever to have a decent conversation with someone at dinner. You might think you don’t have a problem with it, but you would be wrong. Society has changed, that is for sure. If you step out the door, it’s more than likely a ghost town. Everyone is stuck indoors thanks to technology. Social media is honestly ruining society in more ways than one. It causes depression, anxiety, and lust to be better than others. The downsides of it trump the benefits these days. Stop living vicariously through others and start focusing on your life. What you’re about to read is going to change your outlook on how you spend your time.

The one thing you have complete control of in this life is your time, and the only one to decide how it’s used is you. That being said, you can choose to spend the rest of yours on your phone, or you could make a decision right here and right now to take a break from it all and potentially put an end to it. You may find it to be hard at first, only because it’s such a habit to wake up and start tapping away. Remember back to the days when smart devices were unknown to you. Chances

are you were running around with friends, riding your bike across town, reading a book, going on a real date, or spending time with family. How often do you do so now?

Now of course, we all have papers to write, groups to work with, and work to get done during the week. Therefore, this might be best to try on a weekend or over the summer. Set a challenge for yourself to shut down all electronics for a day or two for starters. You will soon find you are strong enough to let it go. There is less and less real news being conveyed online these days anyways, so chances are you will not miss out on much.

So many notifications constantly pop up for you to see. Imagine all you could accomplish if you ignored it all and did what you love to do. Now that spring is here, take every opportunity you can to spend your time in nature. Be sure to leave the phone and laptop at home. Go for a hike, run a marathon, sit on a bench and read for an hour, go on a road trip, plan your summer getaway. Once summer arrives, go to the beach with friends. Have a water balloon fight for old time’s sake. The point is, there is so much to do in life other than play games and binge watch shows. Make your own adventures.

Make sure to record how you are feeling without technology. That means actually writing it down on paper. There will be more positive effects than negative. You will sleep better at night, likely be in better shape, and will not be tempted to waste your precious time on petty media.

Think about historical figures all the way up to the start of the twenty first century. Roads were not built indoors. Government was not established with Twitter. Slavery was not abolished through a phone screen. The first humans were not put into space with Facebook. Adventures were not taken on Netflix. The world was built on parchment! The world was built with speech! Whatever it is you love doing, get out there and do it. Make an impression on this world that will last forever. The clock is ticking.