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It is pretty evident that when someone crosses the Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts borders, New England Patriots’ merchandise will be seen probably more frequently than Dunkin’ Donuts. Do these Boston sports fans take their teams a little too seriously? Do they really believe Tom Brady was not guilty in the ‘flate-gate’ scandal? Here at Bryant, whenever a Pats game is on, the campus is full of cheers when they are winning, and a low roar when they are not. Overall, being a New Yorker living in such an unwelcoming territory was something of a culture shock.

New York fans, or really any other sports teams’ fans, would agree that Boston fans may be the most obnoxious and boisterous with their views. It seems as though if someone was heard saying, “Let’s go Jets (or Giants, or maybe even the Buffalo Bills)!” a possible fist fight may breakout. Also, it is a shame that New Yorkers especially, cannot openly support their teams by wearing jerseys or anything of the such, due to fear of being ridiculed. This is frustrating and extremely annoying, but this is what appears to come with the territory of attending a New England school.

Why is this though? After doing some research, this rivalry goes way back into the early 1900s, according to Time magazine, and not just for football. One of the few eight game world series, which was the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Giants (the early New York baseball team), the Red Sox barely clenched the World Series title in 1912. In 1972, the Rangers played the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup where things became heated, but in the end the Bruins claimed the cup. Whether it was the Yankees playing the Red Sox in 2003 and 2004, the Mets in 1986, or other sports like hockey, it seems there has been a little more than a handful of times these rivals played against each other in the most important games of their entire seasons.

One of the most satisfying rival games was without a doubt the New York Giants facing the New England Patriots on Groundhog day in 2008. It was a ‘cannot miss’ Superbowl, even to this day. The Giants spoiled the Patriots undefeated season, and stole something that seemed to already be Tom Brady’s: the Super Bowl ring. For New York fans, even though it may not have been the favorite team, it was still one of the best moments to date.

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Not only is this rivalry timely, if it is looked at in a certain light, it can be somewhat entertaining to say the least. Once the initial hate is over with and everyone is used to each other, this on-going battle can serve as a source of entertainment for Bryant students. Some smack talk here and there never hurt anybody (hopefully), and the whole #FreeBrady epidemic and hearing excuses as to why Tom Brady was not actually guilty made people from out of state laugh.

Well it seems this timeless rivalry will not stop anytime soon, so Boston fans and everyone else will have to still remain frenemies. However, Halloween is approaching quickly and there are bound to be people dressed up in Boston and New York sports attire, so that shall cause some interesting encounters. In the meantime, everyone should be allowed to openly support what teams they may because this is in fact 2016, but some old precedents may never change.

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