The Amica Center for Career Services is a great asset to this school. Bryant University has been named one the top 20 schools in the nation for career services according to The Princeton Review®. There are many things to be excited about coming up, such as s a new program to help students called the Amica Career Advocate Program. This is a new leadership opportunity for the selectively picked career advocates who work as ambassadors to the Bryant body for career services. They will help to educate students about our services and programs and also listen to student feedback and ideas. Among the things a career advocate can help you with are: reviewing resumes, providing interview advice, networking techniques, build a professional LinkedIn & Portfolium account, and working with the BCC. This service will occur in mid-October and career advocates can help professors by coming into classrooms at their request and drop-in hours will be available to everyone.

Besides the exciting new career advocate program, the Amica Center will hold CPC 101 and CPC 201 courses. This is a non-credit course held once a week for about a month that will help you navigate the details of landing the job you want. CPC 101 aides students in exploring majors and careers while the 201 class, reserved for those who took 101, will teach you how to stand out in the application process for internships and jobs. A job shadow program will also be open for students who wish to follow a Bryant alumnus at their job for a day. It can be a time for students to raise questions, connect with Bryant alumni in the working field, learn specifics about an industry, or see how a typical day goes. This will become available on October 7th and the deadline to apply is November 6th.

There are plenty of recruitment and networking events coming up this semester. The most important being the Fall Career Fair which you can still sign up for on the BCC. The career fair will feature 150 employers representing various industries & opportunities. Besides the career fair, there are many other great opportunities to participate in. The Finance Association will feature a Walk Down Wall Street trip where any interested students will go to NYC for the day to talk to people working on Wall Street on October 13th. In the past they have had talks from hedge fund managers, investment bankers, account executives, and more. For mathematics, CIS, and analytics majors, October 11th 4PM-6PM will be an industry hack event held in Bello. Stay tuned for other events or inquire at the Amica Center for a government career fair, arts and entertainment, and a NYC Fashion Trip.

Veronica Mansour, the associate director for career services is always available for additional questions as is the rest of the staff. Also big congratulations to our inaugural career advocates: Jillian Gaudet ’17, Kanal Patel ’17, Amanda Ouellette ’19, Kassi LoPresti ’18, Christian Georges ’18, and Victoria Eastman ’19.