By Luty Barbosa Vicente

Samuel Aduayi gladly admitted, “If I don’t ever sell a watch tomorrow, I’ll be fine.”

Back in November, House of Wale was introduced to the Bryant University public market for the first time. Through the hurdles of being a young entrepreneur in today’s competitive society, Samuel, who we appreciate as Wale, continues to flourish. New collections, new colors, and new styles have all come into play with plans of launching a third one very soon. Social media followings for House of Wale have been growing steadily, increasing his customer base and his personal want to do more. Wale explains that he hasn’t been this happy in a very long time and something as simple as setting up the packages to be sent out brings forward a feeling a relaxation that he has come to embrace immensely. Wale has come up with an entire step by step process that he follows to bring himself into that tranquil state of mind making the problems that surround his hectic life perish for the time being.

As he shrugged his shoulders, Wale said to me, “look at me, I’m different.” Being a youthful, African entrepreneur, especially on a campus like this one motivates Wale to chase the dream that wasn’t made for him. The dream to be a successful African in the United States while pursuing something like entrepreneurship is one that isn’t expected of him, but more than worth striving for. Throughout this entire learning experience, he has clinched onto the concept of taking a chance and making a difference. On the bright side, he’s grinding on his own and he is his own supervisor. Aduayi honors the idea of not having to punch in and out for someone else and being able to hold himself accountable for any and every mistake. Although a demanding aspect, Wale is able to give himself tasks, determine short and long term goals, and complete them on his own at his own convenience.

When first launching his watch line, his Christian faith became the center of the business. Prior to the launch date, Wale went through substantial prayer and fasting. In a proud tone, Wale announced that “my faith is what makes Wale.” His prayers were answered within the first three days of business when he broke even. A similar mechanism took place again in the New Year and things in 2017 have been smooth so far.

Strategic planning with a couple episodes of reckless spending is what keeps the business up and running. Revenues that House of Wale has acquired remains Wale’s little secret, but he did state that it is enough to cover business and a couple personal expenses. Without breaking the bank, critical research was conducted to choose an affordable manufacturer. While balling on a budget, a couple trial designs were selected and samples were ordered. Once the samples arrived, it was clear that one didn’t deserve any exposure and went straight to the trash. The second style was an automatic winner and was circulated between a few personal connections for a month and a half test before the first official big order was placed.

Thankfully, his private early release went better than expected. The private openings were for his family, close friends, Christian camp, and finally to Bryant students. Promotion codes were given then and continue as a prosperous trend still. Wale has gotten a diverse group of individuals to model for his watch line and since not everything comes free, a promotion code is offered in the name of the model and they receive a portion of the profit from each sale where their discount is used. Wale managed to implement a discount for Valentine’s Day convincing buyers to purchase his watch for “Sumbody Special”; another rewarding business strategy.
Competition will not and does not faze Wale. Apple watches and House of Wale watches are in the same industry, but yet two different industries. It is understood that people are 75% more likely to pull out their phones to look at the time even with a watch conveniently placed on their wrist. The variety of colors and styles offered isn’t to provide a fancy tech gadget, it is to compliment outfits and the body wearing it. Aduayi refuses to let technological advances get in the way of his lucrative company because his watches are will remain a fashion statement.