The Archway has teamed up with Dr. John Saddlemire, Vice President of Student Affairs, to provide first-hand information about administration, and university news and updates. In each “Ask the VEEP” edition, Dr. Saddlemire will answer questions regarding various topics. This week, we discuss housing selection. If you have any questions that you would like featured in future editions, please email Katie Hughes at 

I heard that some athletic teams are being told they’ll have a preferential housing selection time slots because they are being required to move back on campus. Is that true?

This is not true. The athletes who are required to move back to campus will be entered into the housing lottery just like every other student on campus, based on their Student Classification Number (SCN), which is calculated based on the number of completed credits. This small group of athletes moving back to campus is being added back into the housing lottery based on their original cohort. Housing selection time slots are assigned based on the outlined criteria of being a complete group, combined SCN score of the group, and then a random lottery number.

Students are saying they’ve heard that Townhouse J6 is currently unfilled. Do you know if that is remaining unfilled this semester? And if so, will townhouses be held back for next year?

Townhouse J6 is unfilled this semester. At this time there is no need to open it. We’re not anticipating having any Townhouse vacant next year.

Do we know the number of Townhouse beds vs. the number of enrolled juniors intending to live on campus next year?

We have 648 townhouse beds. At this point in the year, we don’t have a complete count of rising seniors who will be living on campus next year, as we’re still waiting for housing deposits to come in (Deadline is March 9th). At present, it does not look like any rising juniors (current sophomores) will be able to get into the Townhouses for next year.

Given the number of juniors currently in townhouses, do we know if they’ll be allowed to squat?

Squatting (keeping the same housing assignment from one year to the next) has never been allowed in the Townhouses, regardless of class year, SCN, etc. The main factor in this policy is to create an equal opportunity for those in the Townhouse lottery selection. 

For more information about the Housing Selection Process at Bryant, visit the Residence Life website. We’ve created a shortened URL of this site that you can type into your browser: