The Archway has teamed up with Dr. John Saddlemire, Vice President of Student Affairs, to provide first-hand information about administration, and university news and updates. In each “Ask the VEEP” edition, Dr. Saddlemire will answer questions regarding various topics. This week, we discuss parking spots, windows and flooring in some of the residence halls, and some new sidewalks seen on campus. If you have any questions that you would like featured in future editions, please email Dennis Frank at

Does the Post Office search Bryant Student’s Mail? No. The Post Office on campus is managed in the same way under the same guidelines as the post office in your hometown. The mail the students receive on campus is handled in the same way. Given that I also live on campus with my family, all of my personal mail comes through the Bryant post office as does the mail for the Provost and the President. We are all very confident in the way in which the mail is handled.

Is RIPTA free for only Undergraduate Students or Graduate Students as well? First and foremost, RIPTA (Rhode Island Public Transit Authority) is a bus service that runs from the University to downtown Providence and provides connections that students can take all over the state. This is a service that is free to all students. All they need to do is show their student ID when they board the bus. It is a great way to get downtown for the mall, see a museum, or make a connection with Amtrak and the commuter rail. This service is available for undergraduate students as well as graduate students free of cost. I heard there was a tradition of fireworks and a bonfire at every Homecoming. What happened? The wind and weather was so unpredictable on the day the bonfire and fireworks were planned that it had to be scrapped. That said, we are working on moving both events to Friends and Family Weekend. Stay tuned for specific times and locations. Did Bryant Graduate Schools remove the scholarship incentive for students receiving GPAs above 3.4? Bryant Advantage (the term for the mentioned scholarship) is no longer offered, however there are scholarship funds available to both Bryant students as well as students/applicants from other universities, depending on their grades, GMAT scores, and general application strength.