The Archway has teamed up with Dr. John Saddlemire, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, to provide first-hand information about administration, and university news and updates. In each “Ask the VEEP” edition, Dr. Saddlemire will answer questions regarding various topics. This week, we career services for Arts and Sciences students. If you have any questions that you would like featured in future editions, please email Katie Hughes at

My friends and I are Arts and Sciences majors. It seems like everything that the Amica Center for Career Education does is for the business students. Is this true? What is the best way for Arts and Sciences students to engage with the Amica Center?

The Amica Center for Career Education has made great strides to broaden services to be inclusive of Arts and Sciences students. Just recently the Amica Center sent a Snap Shot Survey to all A&S students to get feedback and suggestions – and is using that information to add to and adjust existing programming. Two upcoming events come to mind:

· On April 4th, they are hosting the “Explore and Celebrate A&S Career Pathways” meet and greet program, at which the Amica Center and faculty are bringing A&S alumni back to campus to meet with A&S students about career pathways and opportunities.

· On April 10th they are hosting a summer jobs and internship recruiting event at which there are opportunities for A&S students.

Some recent events and programs catering to A&S Students include:

· Amica Center hosted the Department of State regional recruiter who met with A&S students

· They have also hosted and co-hosted many career panels and presentations relevant to A&S students, including law, psychology, economics, arts and entertainment, and government service.

· Amica Center has launched the A&S Job Search Workshop.

· The highly successful EXPLORE Program (NYC, Boston, DC, Hartford)

Another great opportunity for A&S students is the Summer Internship Fellowship for unpaid internships – and Amica has started to obtain special funding exclusively for internships in arts and culture. When it comes to recruiting and the fairs, the Amica Center has many employers seeking A&S students.

Yes, the Fall Career and Internship Fair is heavily Accounting and Finance, but not the Winter or Spring events! In the fall, they also promote the Government and Nonprofit Career Fair, a multi-campus consortium event in Providence at which Bryant students (mostly A&S students) have a stake. Then there are the EXPOs, at which government and nonprofit organizations are seeking interns, and they really want to recruit A&S students (the EXPOs are not just for Business students – another common misconception).

Bryant Career Connection (BCC) is adding more and more A&S jobs and internships; just search by major to find them! Strategy hint: for many A&S “employers,” often the number of openings are far less than for Business students – so one needs to broaden their searches, looking at many more organizations.

Getting involved as a Career Advocate is another way to connect – these are paid student career leadership positions within the Amica Center (they also hire students for communications work and office support). Speaking of leadership – the Executive Director continues to meet with the A&S Dean’s Student Advisory Council – these are your representatives!

Finally, if you haven’t yet availed yourself of the direct services offered by the Amica Center, do so. You will be pleasantly surprised by the warm reception. Fun fact: Did you know that just about every staff member in the Amica Center came out of a Liberal Arts program, themselves? They offer career coaching, walk-in quick questions, résumé reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews, a career planning course, online resources that help A&S students with their job searches, and much, much more! The coaches will help A&S break into the “hidden job market” and how to research connections via LinkedIn, essentials steps for seeking opportunities.

When it comes to the Arts and Sciences student, the Amica Center is very much ready to serve you!