Ask the Veep


The Archway has teamed up with Dr. John Saddlemire, Vice President of Student Affairs, to provide first-hand information about administration, and university news and updates. In each “Ask the VEEP” edition, Dr. Saddlemire will answer questions regarding various topics. This week, we discuss parking spots, windows and flooring in some of the residence halls, and some new sidewalks seen on campus. If you have any questions that you would like featured in future editions, please email Katie Hughes at

What is the Presidents Leadership Council and why do they have such sweet parking spots?

Anyone who donates a minimum of $1,000.00 annually to their Bryant University Annual Fund is a member of the Leadership Council! These are people who care deeply about supporting your educational experience.

Why did Bryant only replace windows in buildings 3 & 4 and improve one set of bathrooms in building 14?

Both projects were limited in scope in order to serve as pilot projects. What we learned through these projects will be applied to future window and bathroom projects.

I hear buildings 3 & 4 also received new flooring. Is that true and why did that happen?

It is it true that all of the suites receiving new windows also received Pergo flooring. It looks like wood, wears well and is easy to clean. This is a big improvement we plan to continue.

What’s the deal with the new brick sidewalk leading to the AIC from the Townhouses?

We heard safety concerns from students who found themselves needing to walk in the road, especially during the Winter weather. Safety is our first priority so we made the sidewalk a priority for this Summer!

What is going on this Friday for Homecoming?

Outside of Fisher will be a Pep Rally, a huge Bonfire and then fireworks! There will be a lot of other things happening so be sure to stay on campus, enjoy the events and cheer on the Bulldogs! Follow @LifeAtBryant on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all of these events and more!