AOII Tables for Arthritis Awareness


By: Amy Solov

Arthritis is a general term to refer to more than 100 types of joint diseases that affect over 23 million people. The effects of Arthritis can be devastating; not only does it limit the ability to do daily activities, but Arthritis also causes $156 billion annually lost in wages and medical expenses. Today, 1 in 250 children are diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis or a rheumatic condition, and by 2030, 67 million people are expected to be diagnosed with the disease. Even more shocking, 2/3 of all those diagnosed with Arthritis are under the age of 65. The sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi, both at Bryant’s chapter and internationally, have committed themselves to raising awareness for the disease that coins itself as the nation’s #1 cause of disability.

Alpha Omicron Pi supports the Arthritis Foundation, their national philanthropy, through various fundraisers and events that raise both funds and awareness for the prevalence of the disease. AOII chapters all across the nation, from Rhode Island to California to Canada, support the Arthritis Foundation through local and fraternitywide events, raising proceeds toward Juvenile Arthritis Power Packs and Juvenile Arthritis camps and conferences. AOII’s philanthropic Strike Out Arthritis events vary by chapter; one popular nationwide event is partnered by all 30 Major League Baseball Teams at MLB games to raise awareness for Arthritis. Bryant’s chapter raises money by attending a Red Sox game with sisters each year, as well as facilitating other events like Strike Out Bowling. Danielle Sturgeon, the VP of Philanthropy for Bryant’s chapter of AOII, said, “Our chapter has made it our personal mission to devote ourselves to the Arthritis Foundation. The events we hold each semester not only give us the chance to bond as sisters of an empowering organization, but they also give us the opportunity to support a cause that affects the lives of so many.” Each chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi shares a similar mission; in 2017 alone, Alpha Omicron Pi raised $850,000 for the Arthritis Foundation!

From Tuesday, October 9th to Thursday, October 11th, the sisters of Beta Upsilon’s chapter of AOII will be raising awareness for Arthritis through World Arthritis Week at Bryant with various tabling activities:

On Tuesday, 10/9 from 10am-2pm, AOII will be tabling in front of Janikies. At this table, you can write the name of a loved one you know with Arthritis to hang on a clothesline. On Wednesday, 10/10 from 10am-2pm, AOII will be tabling in front of Faculty Suite A. At this table, you can write a note to a child who has Juvenile Arthritis and put it on a trifold board display.

On Thursday, 10/11 from 10am-2pm, AOII will be tabling in front of Faculty Suite A. At this table, you can paint a blue ribbon on your hand for Arthritis Awareness. World Arthritis Week will end with an information session—AOII x Arthritis Awareness—on Thursday, 10/11 at 9:15pm in Fisher room 2B, where you can meet sisters and learn more about the philanthropy that the sisters of AOII have made their mission to serve. Help raise awareness for Arthritis by joining the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi during World Arthritis Week to learn about a philanthropy that they, as well as millions of other Americans, hold so close to their hearts. The sisters of AOII look forward to seeing you there!