By Michael Rosenthal

The events that took place in Argentina this past week are just one of a string of events that have sparked an unprecedented amount of antisemitism across not only the United States but now the world. This latest act of antisemitism took place at a soccer match between two professional clubs, Atlanta and the All Boys, two local teams. The two teams are rivals and after Atlanta pulled ahead to win the match many of the All Boy fans reacted in an inappropriate manner for fans of the sport of soccer. The fans did the traditional booing and showed their disdain when their team lost but also continued to stoop to a new level of evil. They decided to target several players and members of the Atlanta soccer team. According to the Jerusalem Post, the Atlanta soccer team has been historically associated with the Jewish community. Therefore, the All Boys’ fans intent was to be derogatory and prejudiced toward the team due to their Jewish affiliation. Words were exchanged such as the All Boys fans chanting “Ahí Viene el Albo for el callejón, matando judíos para Hacer jabón”, which translates in English to “Here comes Albo down the alley, killing Jews to make soap.” The fans in addition to chanting antisemitic comments also waved Palestinian flags and t-shirts bearing Iranian symbols as well as rioted after the game with opposing fans. They also assaulted police officers and vandalized stadium property. Some spectators even sought refuge in the locker rooms to avoid the All Boys fans that were rioting.   

This recent event is unsettling to many not only belonging to the Jewish community in the United States but also to the general public. Many people throughout the United States will remember what is now known as the deadliest attack targeting the Jewish community on American soil. This tragic event referenced is the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue that occurred on October 27, 2018. This mass shooting was carried out by a lone gunman who used several weapons including semiautomatic weapons and handguns. This tragic and senseless act left 11 victims murdered in cold blood and their families left in shambles.   

Another recent event with effects still rocking the Jewish community is the disturbing actions of a man attending a play at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore, Maryland this month. This audience member shouted “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump” while simultaneously doing a Nazi salute, which alarmed many theatergoers as well as members of Baltimore’s Jewish community. This incident took place during intermission of the play, Fiddler on the Roof, which is about a Russian, Jewish family escaping oppression in Tsarist Russia, according to the Baltimore Sun.   

These three incidents, although isolated, are connected to a common trend currently occurring in our society. The effects of each incident are lingering and will continue until some repercussions are doled out to perpetrators and those with similar beliefs and behaviors. This hateful and unfortunate event at the soccer game is abnormal but not unexpected due to the climate of how society as a whole has begun to ostracize the Jewish community more and more. This past year alone, the Jewish community has been increasingly under attack from the bomb threats of Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) to the recent events aforementioned in this article. Society needs to come together and find a solution to end this hatred toward the Jewish community. If they do not, then there will most likely be an increase in antisemitic behaviors and the number of hate crimes in the United States as well.