The most widespread election is over.  Relationships are tarnished, families are split apart, and the country is in a divide.  The 2016 Presidential Election has caused so many issues, but no one sees the positives.

The 2016 Presidential Election is something every American can participate in.  We each have a vote.  Whether you are eighteen years old, or eighty years old, we can voice our opinion and cast a ballot.  We can vote on issues other than the president that will affect our states and everyday lives.  We can progress as a country, regardless of if you are “with her” or “against her”.  I stood in line Tuesday morning next to a man, probably in his 60s.  He looked like he was ready for a long day at work, dressed in splattered coveralls and a baseball hat.  The women behind me was probably mid-thirties with two children pulling at her coat.  And guess what?  

We are all voting.  We all have the same rights as Americans.  A huge thank you to every Facebook post telling me who you are voting for and why.  Trust me that really convinced me to choose the candidate you chose (not).  Let us stop putting our opinions on others and let us simply speak for ourselves.  It is a democracy for a reason, so let us exercise those rights as Americans.

Who you are voting for describes what you believe in, but voting alone shows your character as an American.  Personally, I don’t care who you voted for.  No matter what, half of this country will be upset with whoever is chosen, and the new president will need to mend the gaps.  As a leader, you must undertake responsibility for all, supporters or non-supporters, and strive for well being for all.  If you simply do not vote, you are missing out on an important right you are given.  A person who actively chooses not to participate in a duty an American should perform is not living up to their potential.  Why aren’t you voting? Are you lazy? Unsure? Misunderstanding?  Regardless, you are missing out.  FOMO is real, so get out and vote!

So the election is over by now, but there are many more to come.  If this election has been eye-opening to you, continue to keep up with current events and participate in your local elections.  In four years we will conduct this process again, so be prepared and perform your American duty.