By Matthew Rosenthal

Technology, is a word that defines the culture of America these days. Some of the most popular tech companies are Apple, Google, Microsoft. All three are very popular, but what about Amazon? Yes, that’s right the company that offers great deals for online shopping. Likewise, the same company, who years ago embarrassingly failed at creating a productive smartphone. The Seattle-based company is taking the tech world by storm according to the New York Times. As it has been reported that after releasing the first Echo smart speaker just three years ago, business is “booming” in the Amazon world. Echo Speakers are powered by Alexa, which is an intelligent assistance program. Alexa can be used for identified music, communications(calls) and home appliances, which are also its most popular uses. Although known for having a primary goal of what the customers want rather than worrying about competitors, Amazon seems to be competing against Google and Apple’s ideas of a smart speaker. Yet, Amazon is confident in their plan of aggressive pricing, and getting Apple and Google as well as any other competitors off the market.

Voice command and intelligence assistance is the future, and Amazon is in the driver’s seat. With 5,000 employees working on Alexa products, the possibilities for new technologies are endless. New ideas are being created every day by this team. Likewise, Echo Spot, a spherical touch screen device is a new and unique Amazon alarm clock. The clock displays time and weather like most other alarm clocks but the uniqueness is the ability to make phone calls, turn lights on and off, while also offering a tiny camera making videoconferencing possible. Imagine being able to control devices with just the simple sound of your voice. Amazon’s Echo Plus is a product that controls household devices such as automated light bulbs, blenders, and more according to The New York Times. Moreover, Amazon’s Fire TV is used for streaming internet videos to televisions is another success, but Amazon didn’t want to stop there. Netflix, Bravo and show time have hopes of using Alexa’s capability to allow people to use voice command to control their fire TV apps. Netflix movies for example can be controlled by just one sentence, “Alexa turn on” From alarm clocks to household controllers, Amazon just keeps expanding their boundaries on new technology.

Ahead of the Pack already, Amazon is already working to rejuvenate the voice command business and leave the comforts of home appliances behind. BMW Group has agreed to place Alexa in its BMW and Mini Cooper vehicle starting in the year 2018. Furthermore, Amazon is just at the beginning of deals between Amazon and carmakers to expand the use of Alexa. Amazon is strengthening the loyalty of its customers by gaining an edge on its competitors and proving that it can be involved in other industries other than household appliances. If Amazon continues on the pace they’re on and ride the Alexa wave, there will be no problem when it comes to competing with companies like Google and Apple. Amazon is ready to make more noise.