By Sam Owens

So far this NFL season, Kareem Hunt, a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, has emerged as one of the top backs in the league. Throughout eleven games, Hunt has rushed for over 820 yards and 7 touchdowns, placing him near the top of the statistical charts for his position. A key piece in Kansas City’s offense, Kareem has proven to be a threat on the ground running, allowing his outstanding quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, to operate as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. The contributions of Kareem Hunt have helped lead Kansas City to 10-2 record in the American Football Conference West, a first-place position. Despite these remarkable achievements, Hunt has found himself in deep water due to his off the field issues. 

Earlier this year, on the morning of February 10th, Hunt was involved in an argument with a woman in a hotel in Cleveland. The extent of this argument was unknown earlier this year because surveillance video was not able to be obtained by the police. However, the police were called to the scene because the woman said she had been physically assaulted by Hunt. Initially, there was no evidence that Kareem had physically assaulted the woman during the argument and the NFL front office didn’t lay a harsh penalty on Hunt. However, recently this week, the surveillance tape of the altercation was finally obtained. It confirms the worst, which was that Hunt did in fact lay his hands on the woman and assault her. The disgusting footage shows Hunt shoving the woman to the ground, and later kicking her as she laid on the floor. As a result of the video, Kareem was immediately suspended by the NFL, and then released by the Chiefs 30 minutes later. It is nice to see the league act against those who are abusive towards women. Also, the fact that the Chiefs released Kareem Hunt right away shows the morals that they have as an organization. Doing the right thing by releasing Hunt rather than defending him because he is the star face of the franchise reveals the character of the executives for the Chiefs.  

It is disturbing that without a video being released, abusive players can get away with these heinous behaviors. Just think about the Ray Rice case. Rice, the former star running back for the Baltimore Ravens, was involved in a domestic violence case. Initially, Rice was suspended by the league after being arrested for third degree aggravated assault on his fiancée. However, the Ravens stood by Rice during the suspension until a sickening video was released showing Rice knocking out his fiancée in the elevator and dragging her out of it. Regardless of the severity of the physical abuse, a man putting his hands on a woman for any reason is inexcusable. Not to mention that these men are strong professional football players capable of much more damage than the average person. It is very scary to think that there are people in this world who are not capable of solving issues with their voices but rather must harm another person to win an argument. Punishing star NFL players with a platform such as Kareem shows that nobody is above the law and abusive behavior towards women is never acceptable.