Matthew Carvalho

General Manager

September 11th, 2001 is a day that lives in complete infamy. Come from Away is a beautiful musical that showcases the kindness and greatness of human beings during such an awful time. The show is based on a true story of what took place after the four planes crashed into their chosen destinations. On that day, dozens upon dozens of other planes were not able to land in the United States due to the attacks, which is where the show begins. The town of Gander, Newfoundland, in Canada, grants all of the planes the ability to land at their airports. Gander is a small town, and all of the extra people does more than doubles the city’s population for a short while. When all of these people were coming in, plenty of people from the town pitched in and purchased plenty of supplies so the people would have what they needed. When the planes arrived, people had to wait in their planes for many hours until they were allowed to leave due to the fear of all of the terrorist attacks. When they were released, people initially went to shelters and little hotels. When they found out about the terrorist attacks, many people did not know what to think or say and were in complete shock about it. Despite all of the problems, the people of Gander took all of the stranded people into their homes and into their lives. Many people were brought into the homes of people and were fed and given a roof over their head. The show also saw how the people of Gander treated them like their own and brought them into bars and did special dances and ceremonies that are known do be done by the people of Gander. They also presented the people as those who had to deal with all sorts of problems. Their was one pair where they had trouble expressing their love to each other including the fact that they lived on separate continents, but they ended up making it work in the end. There was also a couple that learned, while being in Gander, that they were not meant for each other and had to go back to their separate homes. There was an Egyptian man that people treated poorly at first because he looked like he was a middle eastern man and was thought to be a terrorist, but eventually, he was welcomed to help and cook in the end. The was also a woman who had to deal with having to learn of the fact that her son died while trying to put out fires and help people during the attacks, but she ended up making a good friend out of a lady from Gander that had to deal with a similar issue of having a son that was a fire fighter. This show was a beautiful showing of how great people could be and how much people cared about other, even during times as rough as 9/11.