By Jonathan Saker

We currently have a technological problem with wind and solar power generation. Basically, what the problem is sometimes the wind is blowing when we don’t need electricity and sometimes, we need electricity when the wind isn’t blowing. We do have a solution for that problem and it’s called grid storage and it is the ability to store electricity when it’s available, but when nobody needs the energy, we can use it later. Right now, we have enough grid storage for wind and solar that we have installed but if we want to make more use of wind and solar and we do then we need more grid storage and we need to find a new way of storing it.  

There probably won’t be a single tech that will solve this problem, but it will be a multiple of new innovations working together. Now there is this company called Teraloop, and they have a very interesting way to store energy on the grid by spinning a heavy object fast.  

Teraloop developed a kinetic energy storage system through an innovative fusion of electromagnetic technologies, each already proven in its existing application. Electrical energy is converted to stored kinetic energy, then harvested to be used when needed.  

What they’re doing to store clean energy to the grid, isn’t a new concept, but it is a very interesting way in doing using Electromagnetic Stabilization, which helps on maximizing the “energy per unit mass” of the system to make efficient use of material resources while minimizing the on-site storage. They also use Permanent Magnet Synchronous technology which is used to maximize both power-density and round-trip efficiency, while minimizing the size of ancillary equipment and they optimize their system for passive levitation, which is a fail-safe electrodynamic magnetic levitation system which provides extraordinary efficient operations.  

And through reported claims from International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), state that the cost of renewable energy is falling so fast that it will be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020. Companies Tera Loop are making advances in scaling more grid storage. This staging system they have made as a prototype is a future alternative to batteries. This way of storage can meet the needs of mass populations, provide a zero-waste solution while using Earth’s natural solution. It is meant to preserve the World’s resources for future generations.  

This company Teraloop is in a competition called the New Energy Challenge, which looks to reward companies that are innovative in the energy market to help reduce carbon emissions and be more efficient doing it.  

With companies like Teraloop and their innovations, the IRENA says since 2013 more than $1 trillion has been invested in renewable around the world and this industry provides nearly 10 million jobs around the world. With more and more companies enter the New Energy Challenge we will see more innovations in using cleaning that will complement with what Teraloop is doing.