By Thomas Maranian

With less than two months remaining until the launch of the next installment of the Star Wars Saga, true fans are anxiously awaiting what the fate of the Rebellion, The First Order, Jedi, Sith, and galaxy will be. The end of The Force Awakens left us off with much and more to think about. Dozens of questions came to mind as the credits began. We were left to think about who Rey could be the daughter of, who Supreme Leader Snoke really is, and why Luke had a strange look of despair on his face when finally, he was discovered by Rey. With the heart breaking passing of Carrie Fischer, who portrays Princess Leia, we are also left to wonder what the fate of her character will be in this upcoming eighth film of the series. Hopefully all of our questions will be answered when it releases in December.

Hope. At this point, that is all that remains of the Jedi. There is always hope. “Rebellions are built on hope.” This quote from Rogue One: “A Star Wars Story”, was stated by Jyn Erso who sacrificed her own life to ensure the survival of the rebellion. She certainly left an impactful message for all audiences. With the threat of the Sith growing by the minute, the question of whether hope will be enough for our favorite characters to endure is ever present. As Luke states in the first trailer for the upcoming film, “It’s time for the Jedi to end.” This could be interpreted a whole number of different ways, but it sounds like someone is giving up. Perhaps in order to overcome the darkness, someone or something else needs to fight back. For so long have the Jedi been responsible for bringing balance to the force. Yet this might just be the time where the Jedi look to someone else to end the corruption.

As Snoke continues to manipulate and control his apprentice, Kylo Ren, who knows what power will be unleashed. One must remember that the Sith is comprised of a master and an apprentice. Never has there been a third member unless in secret. And if so, it always leads to conspiracy to kill off the master. The ending of the second trailer hints at something huge that could come to pass. If you have not seen it yet, it is best to keep it that way if you do not want a major spoiler invading your thoughts for the next two months of waiting.

There can be no light without darkness. Inside every one of us, there is a beast waiting to let loose. Just as there are two sides to ourselves, there is both light and darkness inside the Jedi and Sith. One side cannot really exist without the other. That is the whole point of the storyline.

Thus far, the Jedi have always been the winning side at the end of all things. But with those victories come major losses and consequences. More than ever before, it seems that darkness might finally be enough to overcome the light.

Now trying to figure out who she is and more importantly, what she is capable of, Rey seems to be lost in her thoughts. She needs a proper teacher to guide her on the right path. There are signs that point to her being a Skywalker, a Solo, or even the extreme idea of being the descendant of Emperor Palpatine due to her unique fighting tactics. You will have to think this through for yourself. What is clear is that fans all across the world are getting incredibly excited for this movie, and thus, are making new theories by the day.

Whatever the case may be, Rey is definitely a powerful individual. We know this because without any prior training, she was capable of using advanced powers of the force. One might wonder how this is possible unless she is a descendent of someone who came from the midichlorians themselves (Darth Vader). If this were to be true, then she may just be a Skywalker, and therefore, Luke’s daughter (one can only theorize for now). A powerful individual such as herself, Rey can possibly be a destructive force to the galaxy if not taught properly. In a world as big as hers, and with the threat of darkness surrounding her every move, will she prevail to lead the Jedi to victory, or will she be tempted by the ways of the dark side?

It definitely seems as though something bigger than the strength of the Jedi is at work for this story. Snoke is a very mysterious character. His true identity remains to be seen, and we do not know much about him, based on “The Force Awakens.” His true intentions are not set in stone quite yet. He could want a whole number of things to happen. Like in all other Star Wars movies, the Sith are always looking for a younger, more powerful apprentice. It is quite possible that Snoke is trying to turn someone else to the dark side through Kylo Ren (hint hint). Much like Emperor Palpatine, who tried getting Vader to turn Luke back in the day, the same applies here. There are a lot of reoccurrences in the Star Wars story and it would not be surprising if something similar happens come December.

As the threat of the Sith continues to unfold, and the strength of the First Order continues to get stronger, the rebellion hopes to be victorious in the war. The question of whether they will be able to endure, stands out as some very important people are in danger of a fate that even the Jedi potentially cannot escape. Along with any war, chaos, destruction, and death always result. When all else fails, hope remains. Realization, vision, betrayal, and suffering have never not been in a Star Wars film, and they are bound to continue in this one. In the face of darkness, how will the light fight back? In the face of darkness, who comes out victorious and who will lose everything? At this very moment, all you can do is buy a ticket for the midnight showing. Make sure to be among the very first to see the new movie. Beware that if you are not, the internet is dark and full of spoilers!