By Melissa Wamp

I know exactly what you are thinking. You are anticipating reading through this article and being handed over a top diet that will transform you. You think you might get the answer to all your prayers and be guided on how to lose unwanted weight. You might have an idea that when you start to read this, an abdominal or glute workout will be laid out and you will get the Victoria Secret body that you always hoped for in the matter of two weeks. Sorry, but that is exactly what will not happen. But wait! Hold on until you finish reading this article. After all, you started to read it for a reason.  Maybe you started to read this because you are not happy with your weight, or maybe you want a change in your life and you think your self-perception is the reason why.

I have the first step in the equation that will solve the problem you are facing, but it will only work if you follow it just like you would a dietary plan was programmed directly above.  This step that you are about to follow will change your perception of yourself for the better. First and foremost, stop comparing yourself. You are you, not the model in the magazine or the girl who you sit next to in class. You need to stop looking in the mirror every day and wishing you could get rid of the unwanted weight or wishing you looked like someone else with the features they have. Overall, wishing won’t do anything for you. What you truly need to lose, what is truly holding you back,  is the weight that societal pressure has on your shoulders.

Ready, set, and let go of the pressure!

Yeah right. I wish it was that easy, too. If it was, you wouldn’t be here, reading this. It isn’t as easy as “1,2,3.” It truly isn’t. The moment when you end this article, you are not going to stop overanalyzing the pictures you post on your social media accounts, you aren’t going to stop thinking about the likes on your photos or the amount of followers you have, and you are not going to stop wondering if the clothes you wear meet the norm. Overall, you will not stop questioning your self-worth instantly, but once you recognize these irrelevant standards that society sets, you will pull yourself out of the realization that these little approvals do not define you as you.

Society creates the pressure that you put on yourself and it sets an example to females across the world about how they are supposed to look and act at all times. This societal pressure driven by the media causes eating disorders, crippling anxiety, and depression across teenagers and women today. Young girls desperately try to fit a standard that seems impossible to meet. The sad truth about this all is that women believe that this image that is publicized across media today is what they all need to conform to. If women can come to realization that this isn’t possible, it will mend their insecurities.

The media driven pressure that is set is impractical, yet it makes women of all ages buy high end beauty products and weight loss supplements to try and mend this gap that they are trying to fill within themselves. The money that the media industry is stealing from the pockets of vulnerable females is one of the phoniest scams across the horizon, due to the fact that all you need is an editing brush on Photoshop and subpar lighting to get “the look.”

Society is very influential, but the standard that magazines and media set amongst women is not what perfection really is; it’s all a con. Perfection isn’t real. Everyone in this universe has a different perception of perfection, and this makes it seemingly impossible to meet the criteria. If there was one solid definition of perfection, there would be no justification of originality. If everyone strived to reach the perception of perfection that is set by the social order, how would you distinguish yourself from the others? There would be no difference between you and the girl in the magazine, or the girl you sit next to in class. We would all be the same, and it would be boring.

 Society and the media create a widespread label across television, magazines, advertisements, and media that depicts perfect skin, hair, eyes, and figures to women, and this conditions women to look away from their own qualities that make them beautiful. If you look deeper into the picture, past the photoshopping, past the model who also has insecurities, women at home can see that these appearances are fake, and that these standards are not the true definition of beauty.

Originality is beauty. The media should glorify individuality to create a healthy environment for teenagers to grow into confident women. If we didn’t care whether or not society judged our appearance, we would not waste our time wishing for something that is unattainable. You are you for a reason; do not let society pressure you into thinking otherwise and stripping you of your self-worth. You are your own beautiful.