A special moment occurred on Friday when the Communication Department held an “event” to honor former alumni, Alex Lagos. The Former Baseball starter and Communication major was given an award for being the top communication alumni at Bryant University in recent years. Alex Lagos graduated in 2015 and he was very excited to be back on campus for Alumni Weekend and Homecoming. The event had many people present, including family and Bryant alumni friends, The Machtley’s, Dean Wendy Samter (College of Arts and Sciences), Dean Madan Annavarjula (College of Business), Associate Provost Carol DeMoranville, and Communication professors and coordinators of the event, Sue and Stanley Baran. For some, little was known about the award or the event, but for the others, something special was about to take place.

Kevin Pearce, Chair of the Communication Department, was also present, as he was the mediator and award presenter of the evening. He described the award as “one of a kind” that has not been presented before. He then explained why Alex was receiving such a prestigious honor and that’s where the man of the hour took his post. He was given a certificate honoring him for his achievement. But that wasn’t the award of the night. Alex said his thank you’s to the college staff, his friends, his family, and Megi Feraizi, another Bryant alumni who he met his freshmen year. Alex met Megi, the girl of his dreams, fifty-six months ago this week (“But who’s counting” he said).  He called her his future wife and began thanking her for always being there, even during the ups, downs, and around the worlds. At the end of his heart filled speech, he walked in front of the podium, pulled out a ring, and proposed! She was absolutely shocked, began to tear, and said yes. “What a way to kick off alumni weekend!”Sue Baran shouted as the couple shared a kiss in front of the emotional and happy crowd. There were cheers, excitement, and photos and videos taken. Their friends rushed over to congratulate them and their families were filled with happiness. It was a special moment and love was in the air at Bryant. The Archway staff was grateful we were able to cover the story and celebrate Homecoming weekend the right way!