Name: Joseph Rinaldi
Year: Class of 2019
Position: President
How will you listen to the student’s voice and account for their needs?
Bryant is a very special place. Students are so involved, maybe they’re in a student organization, or play a club sport or an intramural, or they’re one of our incredibly dedicated varsity athletes, or maybe they work a job, or serve as a Resident Assistant, or an Orientation Leader, or even have started their own company. What really makes our community so special is that no matter you do here, you love it. Everyone has a passion for what they do, and they care about each other. While students are busy doing that they love, I want to foster a Student Government that delivers results for them. When we hear of ideas, questions, or concerns from students they will be addressed.
What do you want your legacy as President to be?
During my time in office, I would like to work to earn the trust of students as an organization. The Student Government should be known as an organization that delivers results for students. There are many projects and initiates our team will be working on, and we will be looking for student input throughout this process.
As a rising junior, what advantages do you have as President who has only been at Bryant for less than three years?
In my two years on Student Senate, I have had a chance to serve in so many of our committees and groups. While I may not have the experience of time that a rising senior would, I make up for that in hands-on experiences and in passion. Next year will be a transformational year for our organization as we transition from a Student Senate to the Student Government. As the original author of the document which will govern us, I believe I am in a unique position to deliver results the students are looking for.
Name: Joey DiModica
Year: Class of 2019
Position: Executive Vice President


Goals for Semester regarding senate or your position?

To make Bryant University a better place to live and learn than it already is through any means necessary.

 What are you most excited about being the Executive Vice President?

 There is a whole lot that I am and have been excited for since becoming the new Executive Vice President of the Student Government. But if I was to truly pin my most thought after ambition as EVP, it would have to be the simple fact that I am granted the privilege to work alongside not only this talented and experienced Executive Board but also the new and returning senators of the Student Government. As serving as the Student Service Committee Chair last year, I was able to observe and participate upon the power and influence the Student Government has on this campus on a first hand basis. I look at the success of last year not only as a stepping stone for this year, but a measly dent in what can and will be accomplished this year. As Executive Vice President, I am eager to tackle every project with a hands on and transparent approach. This upcoming year will not only be a year of change and unlimited success, but also a year of unity and bridging the student’s needs, wants, and concerns with administration.


What is one new idea you want to implement within Senate that will benefit you guys and the students?

 The student body’s interest is our priority as a Student Government, meaning the needs, wants, and concerns of the student’s here on campus is our agenda. I like to think of the Student Government not only as an outlet for students but also a bridge, a bridge to connect the students and administration. All initiatives and projects that will benefit the students of Bryant University is a priority to us, but this all begins with the students talking and letting us know what they need. So, regardless of the several ideas I would love to implement within the Student Government, the one item on my personal agenda would be to reach out to the student body and retain feedback. That being said, we meet every Wednesday at 4:00pm in the Fisher Student Center in Pappitto. I am well aware that Bryant students have a jam packed schedules and such so going to an actual meeting is tough, but I consider any senator, Executive Board member, and myself as an outlet for students. We cannot improve as an organizations, university, and community if the incumbents of such do not address the true issues, wants, and concerns. This is the first step in making Bryant University greater than it already is, and this is the idea that I will be implementing this year that will benefit the Student Government, the clubs and organization’s around campus, and most importantly; yourself.

Name: Harrison Garrett
Year: Class of 2019

Position: Treasurer“I’d like to build off of the important progress of past treasurers, which includes enriching the Bryant community by increasing funding levels for many clubs and organizations. I’d also like to make sure students are getting the most out of the money they are paying into the Student Involvement Fee. Right now, there are reserve accounts under SIF that have balances totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. I believe there are common sense adjustments that can be made so that students have more access to this funding.”

How will your experience at Bryant and at your internship help you in this position?

My experiences with various different student organizations on campus has made me aware of the important role the funding process plays in empowering campus organizations. Additionally, my experience on Senate and on the Ways and Means Commission has given me a full understanding of how to work with members of Ways and Means, and with treasurers during the funding process. Lastly, my experience interning in the State House, and for a U.S. Senator has taught me the importance of public service. I hope to bring this passion for service to the role of Treasurer.

What struggles do you think you guys may run into and how will you adapt?

One of the potential challenges I may run into as Treasurer is acclimating myself and the Ways and Means Commission to new Student Involvement Fee policies that may change what we fund, and how we fund it. One example of this is the new travel funding policy, which SIF is in the process of approving. I hope to adapt to challenges like this by working closely with SIF. I also hope to bridge the divide that often exists between WAM and SIF, so that voting members of WAM are brought fully up to speed anytime there is a policy change within SIF.

Name: Noah Pease
Year: Class of 2020
Position: Secretary
As a young fresh face on campus, what do you have to offer as an executive member of the senate?
I am fortunate enough to represent my class on the executive board and have a bigger say on what happens in Student Government. Also, I just went through the transition from living at home to living on campus and I want to help ease this transition for the incoming class.
What are some things you want to see done while your time at Bryant?
I would love to see a complete overhaul in the food situation here at Bryant. Also, mass renovations throughout all of campus. Lastly, I would love to see greek housing on campus.
What advice do you have for incoming students who are interested in Senate?
Attend the meeting to see if it sparks your interest. It is one of the few opportunities that this campus presents that allows for you to impact every student on this campus. Lastly, you get a exclusive look at the school which presents itself with connections and opportunities that very few student get to have.