Bryant’s 5th annual St. Jude Up Til’ Dawn


by Mackenzie Pedro

Fall is here and November is right around the corner. Coming with that is one of Bryant’s biggest philanthropy events, St. Jude Up Til’ Dawn. While St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a household name, not a lot of people know what the organization actually does. St. Jude is a hospital that strives to find cures for children with chronic illnesses, specializing in helping children with cancer. While always searching for cures, the hospital fights for the research of non-toxic treatments to ensure an improved quality of life for these young children who are already fighting so much. One of the best parts about donating to St. Jude is that every treatment cost is paid entirely by the hospital. It costs $2 million a day to operate this hospital. The research found by the organization is freely shared to any hospital around the world, in hopes that they can help children everywhere. When the hospital opened in 1962, cancer survival rates were extremely low. Over 50 years later, St. Jude has raised these rates to over 80%. This is an extremely incredible feat that has been overcome.

Up Til’ Dawn is an all-night, student-run event that is held in the MAC. This is Bryant’s 5th consecutive year holding Up Til’ Dawn. There are many teams of students involved in this event. There are six person teams who must collectively raise at least $600. These teams compete to raise the most amount of money for this amazing cause. During this event, the executive board plans plenty of activities, games, and mission moments to keep the participants active and awake. Bryant students are very eager to engage in this event due to the very important cause that it supports.

Last year, Bryant University raised $43,794. This year’s goal is $55,000 and they are well on their way to reaching that goal. Bryant is 6th in the nation for fundraising out of more than 300 schools. One of the recruitment chairs, Danielle Tierney, is proud of the success Bryant has already achieved. Danielle attended last year’s Up Til’ Dawn as a freshman. She is thrilled to be on the executive board this year and is excited to be contributing to the event in a larger way.

Greek life makes up a big part of the fundraising for this event. It is a very competitive, but collaborative way for the different sororities and fraternities to get together and raise money for cancer treatment. The sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma’s chapter members account for half of Up Til Dawn executive board. Last year, they were the fundraising leader of all of the teams. It is not just sororities and fraternities that are involved, though. There are student volunteers and other clubs and organizations on campus that participate. Up Til Dawn proves to be a communal effort by the Bryant University campus year after year.

This year’s event is November 11th, midnight to 6 am. It’s very easy to sign up; to do so go to Do your part and help Bryant stay up for good and support childhood cancer.