By Jordan Gauthier

Once again we are back at that time of first semester, finally becoming situated with the new year, or so we like to make ourselves believe. As we get closer to midterms it is obvious at this point that we have no idea what to expect other than becoming a little overwhelmed in every aspect possible.  Luckily I am here to give you a list of 7 artists to help guide you through the rest of your first semester at Bryant.



If you happen to be the type of person that needs some form of background noise to do work, this is without a doubt the topic for you.  If at times you may notice the songs you listen to while studying or doing work are also the lyrics you just so happen to accidentally write in your essay or sing along to in your head, check out some of these artists, who for the most part are instrumental.

ODESZA (Electronic)

This duo helps keep you up and active while doing work.  One of their most popular albums is In Return.  In this album if you haven’t yet discovered, you can find the songs “Koto”, “Bloom”, “Always This Late” and “Sun Models”.


Tycho (Ambient)

Music composer, Scott Hansen, is the genius behind Tycho.  Albums to check out from this artist include Awake, Dive, and Past Is Prologue.



Tame Impala (Psychedelic Rock)

What used to be an Australian born underground band is now making moves since their start in 2007 and growing more popular in the U.S. rather quickly. Their unique approach towards their work is what makes them such an authentic group. Two of their most popular albums are Lonerism and Innerspeaker. Songs to especially listen to if you have yet to are “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, “Led Zeppelin”, “Lucidity”, and “Solitude Is Bliss”.


Sticky Fingers (Reggae/Indie Rock)

Another Australian band that got its start in 2008, a year later from Tame Impala, is a personal go to when it comes to relaxing during the rare amount of free time granted during the week. Songs that are a must to check out are “Australia Street”, “How to Fly”, “Clouds & Cream”, and “Bootleg Rascal”.


Mac Miller (Rap)


Over the years, Mac Miller has continually changed his style of his work.  For times of wanting to calm your mind, check out his new album that was recently released on September 16th, Devine Feminine. In addition, his album Watching Movies With the Sound Off, contains all the songs you need to listen to to free your mind when you need it most.


On the Verge of a Break Down

Whether it is the stress from school or other ongoing problems that start to consume your entire being (we all just have to let it out sometimes) here are two artists, along with their songs to help you cry it out.

City and Colour (Folk)

Canadian born singer-songwriter Dallas Green began his professional career in 2001 and has had the ultimate power to sway in many emotions in his work since. In his album Bring Me Your Love, you can find the song “Against the Grain” where you will hopefully find this song to serve your purpose.


Coldplay (Rock)


This pick may be a given, yet it is inevitable that it would be mentioned.  This band has the talent to convey any emotions possible, even ones you thought you’ve never had. Albums in particular to check out are Ghost Stories, X & Y, and A Rush of Blood to the Head.