6 Netflix Shows You Should Watch Instead of Doing Your Homework


It’s that time of year again folks! You’re finally getting settled into school, all of your personal belongings have found their individual homes in your room, Salmo has lost its luster, and Syllabus Week has come to a final close. As classes begin to ramp up, you can (and probably should) be getting ahead on all of your work – making your finals schedule as pain-free as possible. However, in the small chance you might want to procrastinate (starting a new Netflix show has been proven to have the same effect as starting a new exercise routine) – I’ve got you covered.

Here are some new and some old Netflix shows to watch, love, become way too emotionally invested in – and live vicariously through.




Written by SNL Alum Fred Armisen (and Carrie Brownstein) – this thrown together sketch comedy show is so out of place you’ll feel more put together for just watching one episode. Really funny, really odd, check it out.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Name a project Tina Fey has had a part in that you didn’t find funny. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Exactly. Hilarious guest stars, quirky story line, quote-able script. You can’t go wrong.


“Criminal Minds”

Criminal Minds

The best parts of “Law&Order SVU” and “NCIS” with main characters that somehow are still alive. Every episode ends with a quote that you wish you knew when you had to pick yours for senior year, and they’re surprisingly not obvious endings.

“Mad Men”

Mad Men

You used to have to have “AMC” to watch this – now, luckily, it’s a simple click away. All of the interesting parts of every textbook you’ve ever had to buy for a business course at this school are played out by this fascinating, extremely attractive cast. You’re welcome.


“How I Met Your Mother”

How I Met Your Mother

Debatably the “Friends” of our generation. Yes, I was one of those weird people who somehow have never seen this before. You’re welcome for saving you all from the social embarrassment. Just watch it.

“Gilmore Girls”

Gilmore Girls

For everyone who has ever or will ever be homesick. Also, they’re filming an extension to the series to debut this coming year – so this is really the most important to watch.

Happy procrastinating, Bulldogs!