By Trinity Lennon

Globalization has brought our world together. All over the globe we trade with one another, work with one another, and share ideas and cultures with one another. Planes, trains, and boats have allowed us to form personal relationships with people from all around the world, and travel to experience different places. Globalization has connected the globe indefinitely. Globalization has also made the spread of the coronavirus inevitable for us living in the United States.  

On January 30, 2020, the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern external icon (PHEIC). This was declared after breakouts of the disease in China, where this virus originated. The coronavirus is spread by animals, and by human to human contact, which due to globalization, is now a normal part of almost every culture. Since January 30th, 2020, there have been more than 23,000 deaths due to coronavirus, and more than 83,000 infected (Regencia). These are not just isolated cases in China but are cases all over the world. Business trips, studying abroad students, refugees, and travelers have all been carriers of this disease to other countries, and the United States is not immune to this catastrophic event.  

According to Center of Disease Control and Prevention for the United States, there are 53 coronavirus cases in the United States. To break down these cases: Arizona, Massachusetts, Washington, and Wisconsin all have one infected person. California has eight, and Illinois has two. Twelve of these cases were from people who have traveled to China, and two of them have come from, “person-to-person transmission to close household contacts of a person with confirmed COVID-19” (Update). Three more cases came from a family coming back from China, and thirty-six were infected from a cruise ship that docked in Japan (Update). None of these United States citizens have died, but the fact that the virus is here leads to a large problem for our side of the globe.  

All these cases have one thing in common: traveling. We know the source of their infection because they have reportedly been out of the country where they are susceptible to catching the coronavirus. So, create a traveling band that would cure the problem, right? Wrong. “The first US case of “community spread” of the virus, when the source of the infection is unknown” was confirmed on February 28th (Moon). This patient is from California and has not traveled to a country with the virus and has also not been exposed to someone who has the virus, so they think (Moon). With this being the case, the coronavirus is not only inevitable to get to the United States, it is inevitable that the virus will spread across the Unites States.  

Traveling and globalization have been the reasons for this disease spreading so far. However, in the end globalization will be the key to combatting coronavirus and finding a cure. All countries must put their heads together and work to find a way to cure this national epidemic.