In the wake of the recent election, America has become a country in vicious competition. Violence and riots, disappointment and angst, worry and fear have painted each and every side, each and every dissenting opinion. Amongst all of this hate, I want to bring to light a few things all Americans can agree on, regardless of race, politics, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or beliefs.

  1. 140 characters is not long enough to fully express thoughts, TWITTER.
  2. The best part of pretzels is the salt at the bottom of the bag & anyone who disagrees is a liar
  3. Football is great and all but it’s a little ridiculous to call it football when the majority of the players are not supposed to touch the ball with their feet.
  4. It’s legitimately ridiculous that while we have North and South Carolina and Dakota we only have a West Virginia! Where is the East one??? Why do we do these things?
  5. Nicolas Cage stealing the Declaration of Independance is proof that no dream is too big, or too ridiculous to complete. Nicolas Cage as an actor also proves this.
  6. Low gas light is not a warning, but a challenge
  7. The next invention does not need to be another stupid app but a device in which you can successfully carry your eggs from your grocery bags to your car and into your house without holding your breath because you’re nervous they’re going to break.
  8. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Also, learning this in the 7th grade could probably be substituted with learning how to pay taxes, or how to deal with probing questions from family members during holidays – something that could help a little more in the real world.
  9. The first person to get seconds at any event in which there is a buffet is a hero.
  10. The beginning scene in “Finding Nemo” when Nemo’s mom dies is scarring at best.
  11. You legitimately cannot be upset while smelling a new book, or brownies.
  12. No cooking will ever taste as good as your mom’s, and dishwashers are a seriously undervalued invention.
  13. People who get in arguments in the comments section of celebrity Instagram accounts need a new hobby, and need to find it fast.
  14. “Soggy” is more upsetting than the word “Moist” and should be stricken from the English Dictionary
  15. Tea should never be taxed, bagels should always be toasted, and hot chocolate is always too hot when you first make it

Above all, we are a country full of innovation and leaders, Charlie Brown Movies and Reality TV, olympians and scientists, we have always thrived on our innate ability to avoid Groupthink – to ask the tough questions, to never settle for simple answers, to push the envelope, to fall hard and to dust ourselves off. In the midst of all this hate, it is not only important, but imperative to remember all of the love in this great country.

We are all Americans, after all.