Introducing the Salmo Times


A pivotal time in Bryant University’s history, transitioning to a fine institution of academics, has called for a publication to break ground on headline news.  During a period characterized by distrust of media and politicians, Bryant students and faculty need a backbone to restore the identity which campus once fostered.

News media has been rapidly declining, the 24 hour news cycle and endless lust for profit has degraded the credibility and readability of journalism in this country. Nowadays it seems like no news source can be trusted. But now you can trust us!

The Salmo Times brings you the stories that need to be told in a high quality and engaging format. We provide coverage of topics from the devastating cyber attacks North Korea has launched against Laptop Central to the NoMoFoMo scandal.   

We do not accept full article submissions. We don’t pay our world class journalists $200,000 annual salaries to do have other people write articles for them. However, we gladly accept headline and topic ideas and yours could be featured! We also accept photos taken from relevant events and of public figures that could be used in an article or for a specific headline.  We reserve the right to edit or alter all photo submissions.

We are looking for help too! We are actively seeking a graphic designer, digital media promoter and “Salmo Times Ambassadors.”  Contact us for more information.  We are often asked how to sue the Salmo Times. You can’t. Satire is protected by the first amendment and we have hired zombie Johnny Cochran to represent us. All inquiries should be sent to The Salmo Times is now available exclusively online at You can also find our content on our Facebook and Twitter Pages: and @SalmoTimes.